This is Quix's personal page. Welcome to have a look about me and my projects ! The following project are mostly found by myself. Hope you can enjoy :D

About me

Turing-G Science Show

I have opened a tutorial video channel online to share my experiences in engineering since 2019. Till now, the channel has uploaded over 60 videos, introducing topics such as STM32, CFD, control theory, deep learning, etc, with more than 28,000 subscribers...

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Kayphoon Game Studio

Game Studio found by me, Bob and Stanly, we made and published our first game "Rolling Cube" on PC and android, then received over 50000 download from all the platforms...

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Easypaper™ App

I created China's first App that supports photo search, aiming to become one of the most advanced learning app for high school A-Level in the world. Also ZQWEI AI was engaged as well (my another web project)...

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Q-Flight Quadrotor Project

Q-Flight is a fully functional quadrotor system which was based on STM32 F411 & FreeRTOS. It includes the flight controller, ground station, Unity simulations and 3D printing model...

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Simple Rocket Designer©

Aiming to keep the process of rocket design as easy as possible. My first copyright was SRD while it have more than thousands of downloads over the world currently.

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ZQWEI Electronics

The platform for manufacturing electronics product and then sold. The main product include the BUCO Avinoic system and Arduino programmers. Check it out at ZQWEI-Tech's wordpress website: wp.zqwei-tech.cn...

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ZQWEI™ AI Open Service

I created ZQWEI AI Service to support Easypaper's photo search/OCR/NLP algorithm, also it was used to let people enjoy the charm of the latest artificial intelligence...

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UCS Science Club

I am the club leader for Science Club when I was in Ulink College of Shanghai (UCS). The club provides a great platform for students to learn and practice their professional knowledge...

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AstarWorld Forum

I created the first online alevel/igcse forum in China, with the aid of easypaper, the app was lots of active user till now...

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