About Me

Personal CV


I started to study IGCSE/A-level courses in China since 2017. In 2019, I have achieved four ‘a’ in A-level Physics(95%), Chemistry(90%), Economics(87%) and an A* in Mathematics(98%). In 2020, I achieved extra three A* in Physics, Chemistry, Further Math.

Founder & Leader of Turing-G Science Show 

Turing-G Science Show strive to become one of the largest popular science media and currently have 24000 subscribers over the world. I am responsible for managing the channel and producing content, proofreading, editing and subtitling.

See https://space.bilibili.com/381730270 for more detail

Founder & Leader of Kayphoon Game Studio & Copyright Holder of ‘Rolling Cube’ game

Kayphoon game studio is composed of a group of high school students who are fond of game production, and rolling cube is the first game produced and released on Google play,Steam, Kayphoon website, taptap and 5577 platform. I am the leader of the studio and was responsible for the game programming, game release and business cooperation 

See Kayphoon’s website for more detail: https://www.kayphoon.cn/

Copyright Holder of ‘Easypaper’ website and related software

Easypaper is an online learning website based on Wechat applet and has got a website in addition. It is the first learning software integrating a large number of advanced AI algorithms in China while it supports photo search and comprehensive search. It is a powerful assistant for teachers and students for study Alevels. I own all copyright of it , include back-end NLP, CV algorithm and front-end codes. 

Website: https://easypaper.zqwei-tech.cn/

Copyright Holder of ‘Q-Flight’ quadrotor

‘Q-Flight’ is a completely self-designed quadrotor, including remote control communication protocol, control protocol, rack modeling and simulation, shock absorption design, ground station software based on QT, simulation software based on Unity3D, flight control system and attitude control system based on stm32f411 with FreeRTOS, remote control system based on Atmega328p-au and back-end of GPS receiving server based on socket. I am the chief designer of the quadrotor and the responsible for the algorithm and actual system building. 

Copyright Holder of ‘SRD’ Rocket simulation software

‘Simple Rocket Designer’ software is a UI friendly and full functional rocket simulation software, programmed based on object-oriented style, aiming to make the rocket motor design process for the majority of enthusiasts easier by using the most advanced algorithm. I own all copyright of it.

See https://wp.zqwei-tech.cn/simple-rocket-designer/

Leader of UCS Science & Business Club

UCS Science & Business Club is dedicated to engaging students in Ulink College of Shanghai in learning and other practical projects. I am responsible for the schedule planning, communication with the school, tutorials for students about AI , aero-engines, electronics, etc.

Founder & Leader of ZQWEI Tech

ZQWEI is committed to developing first-class amateur technical team. All the projects above are basicly related to ZQWEI. I am the core of the team and is responsible for the project planning, recruiting of members and doing research.

Personal Skills

○ Embedded system design(PCB/EMC design) 
○ Arduino,STM32 Development(Arduino IDE,MDK ARM) ○ Software engineering(Python/Matlab/PYQT) 
○ Deeping learning(Matlab/Tensorflow/Keras/Pytorch) 
○ CFD Simulations(ANSYS ICEM & Fluent/Matlab FEA tool) ○ Full stack web development(django+bootstrap+jQuery) 
○ Flight Vehicle Design