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Have you ever been bothered to find the answer to the corresponding question and can't do it? Do you feel helpless when you don't know what to do if you want to practice a topic of a certain subject? Now there is such a super convenient tool waiting for you to try——Easypaper !

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About Easypaper™

Easypaper was created by me in 2020 and currently got over 10000+ users. The major reason for why I am doing this is totally because of the avoid of mature learning app, especially for photo search. So I learn a range of knowledge and practiced relevant skills to do that. In the late June, the mature Easypaper was finally completed. Easypaper supports lots of A-level and even IB courses, and even all of the Oxbridge admission test. The Photo search was supported for most of the A-level courses as well. Easypaper has Wechat mini-program version and a web version. You can check it out in the video. Also it supports subscribing common course function, which greatly improve the using experience.All in all, easypaper has a simple interface, simple operation and easy to use. So, have a try by yourself !!

Technology in Easypaper

Easypaper used a lot of advanced technology in it.

1. Universial Web spider system based on bs4, requests and Selenium for getting resources.
2. Conprehensive Search Engine based on complex SQL and NLP tech.
3. Photo Search based on OCR/NLP and subject classifer system.
4. Anti-hacking server program for universal anti-hack tasks
5. Django based ZQWEI AI server and Easypaper server.
6. Aliyun OSS storage for enlarging the datastorage for the original ECS's memery.
7. Deep learning based image question segmentation program.
8. Small program based on Wechat and Bootstrap4 based Website.

Development Log 2020

2.14 bored to buy a web portal, at this time I'm just a pure AI engineer, nothing else 
2.29 ZQWEI AI open platform established
3.17 EZP first generation web spider system
3.22 prototype of Bastpaperonline (Previous name for Easypaper)
3.29 Bastpaperonline, renamed easypaper 
4.1 EZP web spider is used to complete the crawling, including all contents of cattle sword test (a lot of time was given to kayphoon and rollingcube during the preparation of mock ing.) 
4.19 for AI open platform image restoration, image generation AI API deployment, laying the foundation for easypaper 
5.12 mock starts on the night after exam / Web version goes online 
5.17 NLP language matching breakthrough 
5.21 front end finished, OCR deployment, complex SQL query of various subjects 
5.23 Primary generation segmentation AI for pdf to image questions
5.25 photo search / comprehensive search online 
5.27 membership code online 
5.29 fast RCNN cut question AI 5.30 opencv morphology cut AI / line by line layout detection MS segmentation 
5.31 nodemcu server operation and Maintenance Assistant (boring) 
6.2 first time the error rate is less than 1%
6.4 the AI error rate has been less than 0.02% 
6.5 comprehensive audit AI + manual verification 
6.6 new version of ZQWEI AI open platform
6.7 all alevel questions were divided and entered into the database 
6.8 perfect answer query (PDF, picture)

Current user 10000+ till now