Turing-G Science Show

Set up by a high school student, committed to the spread of technology to subscrivers all over the world.

Lastest number of subsribers for TGS !

Total number of subscribers

Acorroding to the lastest news, the number of subscribers has surpassed——

28000+ !

Well done !

About TGS

Turing-G Science Show was initially started during the Chinese National Day in October 2018. After several months of preparation, the TGS was founded on March 8, 2019, and released the first video on BiliBili website. Throught out the process of producing videos, some of the representative works was made include PCB development based on Arduino,  introduction on Computational Fluid Dynamics, electromagnetic compatibility design of electronic system, matlab for deep learning tutorials, STM32 development series based on Cubemx, etc. For the future, I will make continuous efforts to become one of the largest science self-media in China. In addition, TGS provides an opportunity for ZQWEI-Tech to establish its projects to the subscribers of the whole internet. It also provides a continuous stream of talents and contacts for ZQWEI-Tech. 

TGS on different platforms

TGS establishs over 60 videos around several video platforms, click and find them out !

On Bilibili

At present, most of the subscribers comes from the BiliBili platform.(over 17000) BiliBili is the birthplace of TGS and its main battlefield at present. Here, we harvested the first batch of subscribers, made the first friends, and left the footprints of TGS's development. To get to know with TGS, you have to go to Bilibili to see our homepage, see our works, videos.

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On ByteDance

We received the invitation of Xigua( means watermelon) video(one major platform under ByteDance, so as Tiktok), and officially settled in Xigua video in early September 2019. At present, nearly 11000 subscribers come from this platform. At the same time, we obtained the V plus certification in November 2019, which is a certification of our major video platforms~

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On Youtube

Recently TGS has considered entering YouTube. If you like, you can support it~
The number of subscribers in Youtube was not that significant compare with the previous one, but I will try my best the operation the channel as far as I can.

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